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CAMICB - The Organization Behind The Essential Credential

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The Organization Behind The Essential Credential

By: John H. Ganoe, CAE, Executive Director, CAMICB

It takes vision and determination to drive successful organizations forward and it’s not just one area of focus that creates a success story. From the very beginning, CAMICB has been the certification body with oversight responsibility for developing and delivering the CMCA examination, including the maintenance and promotion of the CMCA credential. In fulfilling that role for more than 25 years, the organization supports homeowners living in community associations by recognizing managers who’ve demonstrated an operational understanding of the tasks essential to performing the job of a community association manager.

But supporting the community association management profession is far more than ensuring the CMCA credential is maintained at the highest possible standard. CAMICB must also make sure that homeowners, employers, the businesses that support community associations, legislative and regulatory bodies, and professional peers understand the value of the CMCA credential and the many benefits a credentialed manager, versus a non-credentialed manager, brings to your association.

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A Behind The Scenes Look At CAMICB Operations

The CAMICB office is located in Northern Virginia and is comprised of a seven-member professional staff who execute operational matters. Staff members manage exam development, certification applications, credential renewal and recertification, the delivery of direct customer service to candidates and credential holders, and the conduct of all CMCA activities in full compliance with the rigorous standards of the CMCA’s domestic and international accrediting bodies.

Volunteers are at the heart of CAMICB’s work starting with a nine-member volunteer Board of Commissioners who govern the organization and are charged with representing the interests of the constituencies served by professional managers. To ensure a wide-range of talent and expertise are represented, the Board includes a minimum of five CMCA credentialed managers, up to three members drawn from a field serving the profession, and a public member.

And, we are fortunate that the contributions of volunteers’ time, talent and expertise goes beyond the Board of Commissioners. For example, the CMCA exam is developed by a broad and diverse team of volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Subject Matter Experts work under the direction of the CAMICB Director of Examination Administration and the exam development process is overseen by our test development partner, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO). 

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Additionally, a group of volunteer leaders oversee compliance with the CMCA Standards of Professional Conduct, a professional and ethical roadmap for CMCA credential holders. Full compliance with the Standards ensures the highest level of professionalism – and accountability – in working with boards and associations.

CAMICB Supports Managers From The Start Of Their Professional Careers Through Retirement

It’s important to note that while CAMICB is not an educational entity, it’s deeply committed to offering resources and guidance to CMCA candidates that will position them for success on the exam. In doing so, CAMICB offers a number of free tools to help candidates prepare for the CMCA exam including a comprehensive candidate handbook and study guide, an online preparatory course, an exam “Quizlet” tool and webinars focused on exam preparation. Further, staff work daily to offer individual support to candidates and credential holders.

 A broader suite of resources and programs help support managers and the profession, including the following:

  • CAMICB offers managers who earn the CMCA credential a CMCA Digital Badge that credential holders can use as an easily shareable online “resume,” highlighting the value of earning and maintaining the CMCA credential. Credential holders are also offered several resources to assist them in promoting their credential.
  • CAMICB maintains a robust bank of approved continuing education programs – many offered at no cost – to assist credential holders with ongoing professional development and to assure that credential holders have access to the continuing education required to maintain their CMCA credential.
  • CAMICB maintains a public-facing directory of credentialed professional managers so that homeowners and potential employers can quickly confirm a credential holder’s active status. Interested parties can search by entering key terms such as last name, city, company, state, etc.
  • CAMICB offers the CMCA (ret.) program for retired professional managers. The program is for individuals who want to stay connected to an expanding group of committed professionals with no obligation to meet continuing education requirements.

The more than 73.5 million people in the United States who live in covenant-protected communities rely largely on CMCA certification as proof of ethical, knowledgeable, professional community association management and CAMICB is proud to support the highest level of professionalism in the field.

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